National Investigators we're more than just the facts... 
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National Investigators: Facts - strategies - solutions for your private investigation needs
  • A full service, licensed, private investigative agency
  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Corporate risk management
  • Expert services in aviation and maritime investigations. 

We use our national network to respond quickly and accurately, placing our clients in the best possible position, providing them the most relevant research, facts, information, perspectives, strategies and solutions.

With decades experience in our areas of expertise, we've earned our clients' respect as trusted resources.   

  • Serving small business, corporations, individuals, law firms, government agencies.
  • In matters ranging from a missing classmates' telephone number to a missing family member or child;
  • From domestic violence to workplace violence to executive security threats;
  • From locating missing witnesses to management of threatened witnesses;
  • From schoolyard bullies to cyberbullies;
  • From domestic surveillance to GPS tracking to corporate espionage;
  • From missing assets to protecting assets to locating hidden foreign assets;
  • From employment diligence to tenant-landlord diligence to corporate due diligence.

Learn what our clients know...National Investigators...We're more than 'just the facts.'    

National Investigators

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