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Completed Cases

Completed Cases

Aviation and Maritime Experts

During pre-trial witness interviews in US Federal Court civil litigation, National Investigators provided expert aviation support including locating and interviewing additional aviation industry witnesses. We discovered and presented evidence that the opposing party made false representations to the court concerning basis of their claims, allowing our client to prevail with additional financial remedy; benefiting our client over $300K.
Civil and Criminal Investigations

We coordinated a client's complex multi-jurisdictional and international white collar civil litigation matter that included potential criminal litigation penalties for our client. By successfully interfacing with all parties and the investigating federal agencies, we were able to facilitate negotiations and settlements.

Our investigators developed a well researched strategy to positively present to the national-international media our clients who were threated with millions of dollars in losses. The surge in media interest and coverage of facts directly increased acceptance and success of our clients' positions.  Settling without enduring lengthy litigation, our clients quickly closed
the case, receiving an increased settlement, raised from an early offer of $1M to $10M.
Corporate Risk Management

National Investigator's principals negotiated the successful acquisition of an air carrier from US Bankruptcy Court.  We assisted federal agencies in capturing over $2M in potential losses from the prior stockholder-debtor; we investigated bankruptcy debtor fraud and preserved evidence.
We initiated a covert IT department investigation, capturing hackers activity in a cloaked action, and successfully identified and remedied internal corporate espionage - security breach.
Personal Investigations

Our investigators' intervention efforts ended the death threats against our client, stopping the ongoing stalking and domestic violence.
National Investigators' stopping successive attempts at child abduction in a family law matter also included being an active presence in supervised visitation. We were gratified our presence helped provide a young child with the sense of security to finally explain to professionals what had been endured, and we assisted the custodial parent in case management, interviewing witnesses, preparing for hearings; and, our investigators offered testimony to the court.