National Investigators we're more than just the facts... 
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National Investigators provides you with more than 'just the facts.'

Our investigators are skilled professionals available to research and gather facts, accurately interpret data, develop strategies and achieve acceptable solutions.

All of our team of dedicated investigators maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, cultivating trust with their professionalism.

Nanette Meaux
Ms. Nanette Meaux is a principal of National Investigators and conducts investigations in the following areas:

  • Critical incident and crisis management;
  • Intelligence analysis and  protective intelligence analysis;
  • Corporate acquisition-diligence; corporate risk assessment; internal corporate investigations;
  • Maritime-aviation incidents; survival; risk management;
  • On-site accident investigations, insurance investigations;
  • Criminal law investigations; family law, child custody, visitation, child hostage negotiations/mediation.

Ms. Meaux’s career of over 25 years experience in investigations is founded in the legal field and combined with corporate ownership, corporate acquisitions and diligence, with concurrent executive management capacities in transportation (marine-automotive-aviation) industries.

Her work in litigation support, case management, witness management and firm management includes the areas of criminal law, family law, corporate litigation, insurance claims and insurance subrogation, administrative law, personal injury, estate planning/trusts, bankruptcy, real estate, intellectual property law, public administration, governmental entities. 

Also, Ms. Meaux served numerous years as a volunteer for the
State of Florida, Twentieth Judicial Circuit, court appointed Child Advocate and Guardian Ad Litem Programs.

Ms. Meaux's education and licensing have included the following:

  • B.A., Political Science with concentrations in Criminal Justice - International Politics;
  • State of Florida Licensed Private Investigator;
  • Florida Statewide Firearms License;
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer, Master 100 Ton with Sailing Addendum.



Lee Allen
Mr. Lee Allen, a principal of National Investigators, has an investigative career of over 35 years experience that offers extensive depth in corporate acquisitions and diligence, business and personnel safety and security operations. 

Areas of professional investigation expertise for Mr. Allen include the following:

  • Business, employees, vendor fraud and embezzlement  investigations; 
  • Civil and criminal investigations;
  • Litigation support and case management (witness search, background examinations, interviews, evidence collection, asset search, evaluation, recovery);
  • Witness management;
  • Domestic violence, sexual harassment, EEO claims and violations;
  • GPS tracking and remote surveillance;
  • Covert aerial, ground and marine surveillance operations;
  • Corporate acquisition-diligence, aviation and air carrier investigations and acquisition diligence.

  Mr. Allen's licenses have included:

  • State of Florida Private Investigator;
  • Florida Statewide Firearms License;
  • Airline Transport Pilot;
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, Multi-Engine (MEI, CFI, CFII);
  • FAA Certified Senior Parachute Rigger;
  • USPA Certified Jumpmaster and Instructor; and

Mr. Allen served in the US Navy, retiring in 1993 after a successful 20 year career.

  • US Navy Chief Petty Officer Gunners Mate Guns (Retired 1993);
  •     Master EOD Technician
  •     Deep Sea Diver
  •     Mixed Gas Diver 
  •     SCUBA Diver
  •     Parachute Jumpmaster
  •     Parachute Instructor.